Hey Confident Ladies,

This quote is so powerful for me ^^^^^^^^^ I truly believe it and it took a long time to. For the first year of my business I didn't take a real vacation. I was too afraid to turn off in fear of "missing out" on clients and opportunities. Such a BAD mindset. Scarcity = no good.

I completely unplugged last week to spend time on the beach. I felt so good about it because I now am in a MINDSET of abundance.

I actually said out loud..."I will book clients while I am unplugged and relaxing on the beach".

And guess what? That first day back I signed on two new clients. And mid week I had a health emergency and ended up in the ER. I kept calm, said the same thing to myself, and ended up booking another client while I was in the hospital.

The Kate this time last year would have PANICKED!  "I can't be in the hospital, I JUST got back from a week OFF!"

Such a sad mindset.

When you have your mindset in check AND are doing the work consistently, abundance will continue to flow no matter what. I hope this resonates with someone today because it's a life changer when you can live in freedom.

Lots of love & Blessings,


P.S. Make sure you don't miss this weeks video where I share part of my $$$ Mindset story!