Have You Unplugged Lately?


As you are reading this I am relaxing on a sunny beach in Puerto Rico!! After three years of being married I am FINALLY taking my honeymoon!

I don't like to admit this, but in the early stages of my business I started to lose site of LIVING LIFE and was pretty immersed in my business. I got to a point where I could no longer unplug and have fun FULLY because I was anxious thinking about what I was missing out on.

I would tell myself "What if I miss that email and that client decides to work with someone else?"

Holy guacamole is that SAD to be in that mindset of SCARCITY.

I pretty much broke down after having this thought and told my husband and friends I was no longer going to live this way. I needed help, I couldn't do it ALL. I hired a VA, signed up for grocery delivery, started sending T to daycare once per week, and had someone deep clean the house for us.

I wanted so badly to be in control of my business that I pretty much lost control of everything else around me. Man, this wasn't supposed to be a vulnerable post, but sometimes ya gotta just go with the flow and say what comes out. When this happens I know there is a reason I am typing these words, one or many of you need to hear this today.

I know you want that dream business, but you also want to still have a life right? You don't want to wake up one day and say, "wow, where did the time go? How did she grow up so fast? How did I miss those signs that my husband was dealing with something? Why didn't my father tell me he was sick?"

I know this is getting personal, but I am being up front with you because I WAS so immersed in this business when I launched that I may have been missing things around me. And this saddens me so much AND is why I vowed after this realization that I would build a business AND a life that I love.

Where are you at today? 

Here are a few questions I asked in group this week: // What does my weekly schedule look like...... work VS play? // Do I allow myself to unplug from the demands of my business? // When I unplug, do I allow myself to stay in ABUNDANCE MINDSET or scarcity?

Where is your mindset at?

Are you in SCARCITY mode 24/7 OR are you able to sip a pina colada on the beach and know that ABUNDANCE is unfolding even when you are not present?

I want you to all live in an ABUNDANCE mindset and if you need help I am here. I not only know how to change these thoughts because of my many years of psychotherapy training, but also because I am HUMAN and I have been there before. I know how valuable a little mindset work can be. I never in a million years would have thought I could detach and enjoy life as much as I am today.

Lots of love & Blessings,