Lots of goodness


Hey there Confident Lady,

Keeping it simple today--feeling buckets of gratitude.

Wednesday I spoke at Marist College to the Social Work students. I can remember 9-10 years ago sitting in that same seat wondering where life would take me. My lifelong dream was to open a practice. Once I achieved this, that would be it.

And with hard work and determination I opened it at the age of 28 and started a second business before I turned 30. Sitting here today, I am in awe of what God has done for me and can't even begin to imagine where I will be 10 years from today. There's no sense of even trying to fathom where that will be because his plans are so much greater than my own.

Beauties, keep this in mind.....A thriving business doesn't happen overnight. It takes years of development and experience leading up to the success and sadly we oftentimes forget this!

For me it was 6 years of schooling, passing two NY state licensing boards, a post masters program, 5,000 client hours, and self development and coaching to have the business I have today.

I know many of you have a similar story. Years of blood, sweat, and tears and you keep on going. So ladies, pleaseeeee keep on going. Marie is such a great example of someone who didn't give up. She kept going and 17 years later is who we see her as today.

Be encouraged. You are exactly where are you supposed to be today.

Anddddddd don't forget to check out my Q & A video of the week! This week someone asked a question about systems.


Lots of love & Blessings,