Growing Through the Uncomfortable


This week we've been talking about "growing through the uncomfortable in your business". Here are a few tips that have worked for me:

1. Working through the "I'm not feeling ready". Ladies, we will NEVER feel ready and if you wait to be ready, it will never happen. I am lovingly nudging you today to just start somewhere. Trust me, I have worked through this feeling a LOT. Even one example pretty recently, I had said to my coach in October: " I am not going to "launch" my program until 2016. I want my website to be perfect, I want videos to share, I want branding to be complete." She looked at me and lovingly told me I was crazy and the following week October 9th it was LAUNCHED! This was ALL an excuse, fear holding me back, which I will share more about Wisdom Wednesday.

2. Quit the "I'm afraid of failing mentality". Yea, I am being pretty blunt today, because again, I care about you ladies and being comfortable never challenged anyone. I will tell you this, I have failed MANY times. And without things going the way I WANTED, things ended up going the way they were MEANT TO GO. When you are in the mindset of "fear of failure" you will NEVER WIN because you aren't trying. We talked a LOT about this last week and I love how Marie Forleo put it "+++There really is NO such thing as FAILURE. You either WIN or you MOVE ON+++ "

3. My last tip is don't even go there with the "I’m too young, old, inexperienced, broke, busy, etc." You can always find a reason to NOT do it. Now what was mine? I'm too young. I look like I'm 16. No one will believe me when I say I have a graduate degree from Columbia. Ladies, don't fall into this trap! If you wait because you are too young, you will eventually think you're too old to start. If you wait until you feel more experienced, you will NEVER gain the experience to start. And if you wait until you're no longer broke, you will be even more broke.

++++++SO MANY women fall into this trap. They are afraid to INVEST into their business and put it off. They say "I'll invest once I get one client". Three months later ZERO clients came. That was three months that they weren't getting paid. Imagine if you just invested today and got that first client this month? That investment will be paid off and clients will begin flowing in.++++++

To sum it all up, comfortability EQUALS complacency. Feeling uncomfortable only brings growth and experience.

Where are you holding back in your business due to fear??

Check out my video on this topic!

Have a happy & healthy day!

XO Kate