Win or Move On


This week I've been discussing FAILURE and DISAPPOINTMENT in business. I heard a quote this week on a webinar with my girl Marie Forleo and man did it strike a chord!

+++There really is NO such thing as FAILURE. You either WIN or you MOVE ON+++

How true is this? When I look back on my life I can point out things people would consider "failures" but I feel gratitude because those "failures" positioned me to where I am today. I never feel sad or bitter, just pure joy because it shaped me into who I was intended to be. I also shared a pretty incredible tear jerking goosebumps creating story about an experience I had many years back. I'd love for you to reply back and tell me your thoughts on this topic!

And here is the A to your Q this week! We talk about prepping for SPEAKING engagements!

Have a happy & healthy day!

XO Kate