Is it Really Fear?


Hey Confident Lady,

Ever let that other four letter F word get the best of you? AKA..............FEAR........ As a trained Psychotherapist & Mindset Coach I see this a LOT. And as a human I too have experienced fear! But what if I told you....... it most likely is NOT fear??

Ok what other emotion has all of the same physiological symptoms of FEAR???

Dun dun dun........EXCITEMENT!

Yes my dear, excitement....

+++Fear & Excitement+++ feel the exact same way inside your body. Elevated heart rate, fluttery stomach, racing thoughts, loss of appetite, etc.

Next time you tell yourself you're "scared", EVALUATE the situation because you may just be EXCITED and you can learn to deal with excitement! It's actually pretty easy!

>>When you hear excitement you think something good is coming. >>When you hear fear, you think something bad is coming.

So rather than ALWAYS feeling something bad is coming, STOP yourself, evaluate which it REALLY is and if it's excitement, than GET EXCITED because you really aren't scared!!!!

Do some deep breathing, meditation, prayer, whatever your mindset practice is and go and conquer the world!!! Ok and now for this weeks A to your Q! Click the picture below for your video.



Have a happy & healthy day!

XO Kate