How Impact = Income: Three Part Series, Part Three

Hey Confident Lady!

This week we are back with my series on Six Figures Year One with Integrity. So much goodness has happened recently, between celebrating my one year Biz-versary in October, announcing Baby C who will be arriving in the spring, and sharing with you all the insights I learned through being forced to lean back in my business for an entire quarter in 2016. You know I am super transparent in all that I do and I feel like there has been one thing I may have not been so transparent about…...INCOME and specifically, creating over six figures year one in my business.

My goal in business has always been #1 IMPACT-- which when done right will provide an INCOME. I want to shine a light that you CAN create a profitable business with integrity, a servant’s heart, all while making an IMPACT! I want to INSPIRE you by revealing some key points and providing you with the next steps to get you to that place you desire to be at.  Each week for the next three weeks we will be focussing on one specific insight into what it takes to run a profitable, sustainable, and freedom living impactful business. Please remember that just because something worked for me, doesn’t mean it will be the same for all. Ok let’s dive in and start with week Three’s theme of Confidence:

Insight #1: Grow your confidence through consistency. Through working with dozens of lady bosses, I would say the #1 reason why people are not making money in their business is because they are not being consistent. They put something out there, wait a day, week, or month and when it doesn’t reap the results they are looking for, they scrap it, pivot, or change it before JUST giving it more TIME. My first big launch of a group coaching program was honestly pretty painful last summer. The program itself ran beautifully, but there was a ton of resistance launching it and because of all the time and energy that went into it, the profit was not a reflection of it. Did I after say “screw it, I’m never running that again because of how much energy it took to launch”? NO WAY! I said “what a great learning experience that was, with time, more hard work, and diligence, this program has the potential to make a bigger impact and a pretty good return”. So I launched it again as a course, brought in a profit and recently re-launched it as a group program again and brought in a profit. Was it easier this time? YES! Did my confidence grow due to me NOT scrapping it and being consistent in putting it out again? It sure did and I even decided that this is a program I will be launching again Summer of 2017!

Insight #2: Be unapologetically YOU. This has saved my business! It's quite frankly exhausting to pretend to be someone else. Many entrepreneurs fall into this trap. They believe that in order to succeed they must “play the part”, whatever that may be. When you are spending time and energy on “playing the part” you lose site of the real reason why you decided to create your business…. FREEDOM. Freedom to not need to get to work on time. Freedom to wear yoga pants each and every day. Freedom to not need to speak in big medical jargon. Freedom to literally show up each day EXACTLY how you are. I know for a fact this is why I’ve done so well in my business. I don’t wait for the “perfect time” when my hair is done or I have makeup on to hop on share my message or hop on a FB Live.  I let inspiration lead the way and do it when I feel called to share my message.

Insight #3: I set major boundaries. Many women who come to me for confidence coaching struggle with boundary setting whether it’s in their personal life or business. They have trouble laying down the rules from the beginning of a relationship due to fear around what others will think or perceive them as and have trouble speaking up when those boundaries have already been crossed. Luckily this was a skill that I acquired from my training as a psychotherapist so it was a little bit easier to teach myself. I went into my coaching business with the mindset of “these are my boundaries and when they are crossed I feel drained, depleted, and taken advantage of. And in order to protect myself from this, I will make these clear before a coaching relationship is even formed. This way if the client isn’t keen on them they have the choice to not work with me”. I decided to find relief this, not fear, because again we have a choice how we view situations. If they didn’t like it, this was a way that I was being protected from getting into a relationship that would have drained me and taken away from my clients who do respect these boundaries. I know for a fact that this saved me countless hours and headaches during year one in business. And we all know how precious time is!!

Insight #4: I stayed in my own lane. I made sure that Quit looking at what everyone else is doing and focus on your own mission. This is where lady bosses get stuck. They hop in their brand new car that has a full tank of gas, oil, fresh engine, low mileage, ready to go. They get on the road with perfect driving skills…..until they see that shop that opened up to their left and that car that they really wish they could have afforded on their right. What happens? They start swerving, they get distracted, they may start speeding and could get pulled over. They completely lose site on the DESTINATION. I hear entrepreneurial stories like this each and every day. Well equipped women with all the odds for them, losing site, and crashing and burning. Stop looking at what so and so launched. Unfollow your “competitor” who you keep creeping on. Just keep your eye on the prize. What is your ultimate goal? WHY did you start in the first place? Keep that mission in site ONLY and you will get to your destination much faster than the others.

Insight #5: I kept my eye on the PRIZE. I made sure that no matter how hard things felt or how much I wanted to give up that I was in this for the LONG HAUL. This wasn’t going to be a get-rich-quick-kinda business. I wasn’t willing to sacrifice my family, friends, and life to get to the top fast. I knew I wanted to create a long standing sustainable empire. And how you do this? Little by little. You do it not by sprinting, but by laying solid foundations and going at marathon pace. We hear so many talking about wanting to get to seven figures in two years and so on. Is this really sustainable? And NO, you don’t have a mindset block if you aren’t trying to “manifest” this. I’ve been told this myself before and my loving response LOL…… “I’m not delusional and I know that a sustainable business takes YEARS to grow and get to this point”. Don’t fall into all the marketing traps my dears. Keep your eye on the prize, run your business with INTEGRITY, and know that with time, you will reap the reward!

What are your thoughts on these insights and this series in general? Do any really hit home with you or confirm something you've been feeling for some time? I’d love to hear your feedback and even experience with this. Please share below in the comments. If you'd like even more support in your business, let's hop on a Discovery Call to talk about how I can help you meet your goals through some mindset coaching. Simply fill out this app and we will get your call in the books!

XO Kate