How Impact = Income: Three Part Series, Part Two

Hey Confident Lady!

This week we are back with my series on Six Figures Year One with Integrity. So much goodness has happened recently, between celebrating my one year Biz-versary in October, announcing Baby C who will be arriving in the spring, and sharing with you all the insights I learned through being forced to lean back in my business for an entire quarter in 2016. You know I am super transparent in all that I do and I feel like there has been one thing I may have not been so transparent about…...INCOME and specifically, creating over six figures year one in my business.

My goal in business has always been #1 IMPACT-- which when done right will provide an INCOME. I want to shine a light that you CAN create a profitable business with integrity, a servant’s heart, all while making an IMPACT! I want to INSPIRE you by revealing some key points and providing you with the next steps to get you to that place you desire to be at.  Each week for the next three weeks we will be focussing on one specific insight into what it takes to run a profitable, sustainable, and freedom living impactful business. Please remember that just because something worked for me, doesn’t mean it will be the same for all. Ok let’s dive in and start with week Two’s theme of Faith:

Insight #1: My faith is really the ULTIMATE reason why I have been able to create a six figure business in just one year of launching. God is my foundation for everything, including my ethics, integrity, drive, confidence and mindset. I know not everyone reading this has the same beliefs as me, I completely respect this, AND I can’t help but share how having belief in a power higher than yourself is crucial in business. We can NOT do this alone. For me, that power is God, having a personal relationship with him, and being aware and in sync with his plans for me. Having a relationship with him gives me a sense of peace that no matter what disappointments may come my way, they are ultimately leading me to an even better path than I could have imagined.

Insight #2: Run your business through serving. A big part of my faith is serving and giving back the blessings that have been given to me. So from day one I knew I wanted to run my business in a way that would allow me the time and money to give and make an impact. My goal in business is to be able to impact at least a million people in some way throughout my life. I was told early on when I launched that I “gave way too much and no one would have an incentive to want to work with me”. This CRUSHED my spirit. It was a struggle for some time with me living in fear that I in fact WAS giving too much and wouldn’t be taken seriously. A good friend and mentor put me in check and reminded me that THIS is just who I am (a giving person) and it would be out of alignment to try to act otherwise. That day I committed to giving in my business however that felt good for me at that moment. And guess what? Even after giving away over 100 free coaching calls and thousands of dollars of programs in the form of scholarship, I STILL brought in over SIX FIGURES in income. What a testament to the power of sticking to your values and not wavering because of fear or lack mindset.

Insight #3: The power of Surrender aka faith over fear. Early on in year one when I was sporadically earning a sale here and there I definitely experienced some fear BIGTIME. I realized that I could let that fear grow and snowball in my mind OR I could instantly hand it over to God through prayer. This is when I learned the power of surrendering. You can work hard and do all you can in your power to control an outcome, but ultimately, there is no such thing as controlling an outcome, only God can do this. So rather than fixate on say how a discovery call went after I would cast that anxiety over to him. I would say “God, I did my best, I will not worry about the outcome, because ultimately that is out of my control”. So in order to remember to make this happen, I set an alarm on my phone for noon each day that popped up and said the words “I Surrender”. We all have a choice, let go of the outcome and let happen what’s meant to happen.

Insight #4: Renewing of my mind. I can’t tell you how many uplifting or faith based podcast episodes I listened to year one in business. And many of them, MULTIPLE times. What you fill your mind with dictates how you perceive the world and react to life situations. I can remember old 9-5’s hearing people complain 24/7 about how much the job sucked. And guess what? It eventually got to me and I found myself doing the same. We have the LUXURY of being our own boss to ONLY fill our minds with positive words. So almost daily I would listen to a midday pick me up or morning inspiration podcast to help set the tone. Not only would it uplift me, fill my mind with positive words, but it also provided me with SO MUCH inspiration to go back and use in my business! A lot of what I talk about comes from sermons or podcasts I have listened to and been inspired by.

Insight #5: Know that if you want God to do his part in your business, you MUST do your part. Yes, surrender your fears and outcomes, BUT make sure that you are working diligently to get yourself closer to your desired outcome. For example, I hear about manifesting ALL the time-- “just manifest or pray and your dreams will come true. Write down 100 times in your journal that you have a six figure business, visualize it, and pray for it every hour and you will get it”. Umm pleaseeeeee do not fall into this trap. In order to possibly get closer to your goal, you MUST put in the hard work. You can’t just sit there and manifest or pray to God to make it happen for you, you’ve gotta actually take the steps to get yourself in that direction and THEN let God do the rest. It also feels even better surrendering when you know you have done ALL that you can in your power to set make happen what you desire and now the rest is up to God!

What are your thoughts on these insights? Do any really hit home with you or confirm something you've been feeling for some time? I’d love to hear your feedback and even experience with this. Please share below in the comments. If you'd like even more support in your business, let's hop on a Discovery Call to talk about how I can help you meet your goals through some mindset coaching. Simply fill out this app and we will get your call in the books!

XO Kate