Ever feel like it HAS to be hard in order to work?

Happy Tuesday Confident Lady,

This week we had an awesome guest on the podcast, Christine McAlister who spoke about overcoming the lie of "In order for it to work, it has to be hard". Today I want to briefly dive into this lie with you, as I know so many of us have felt this way at one point or another. 

Here is my word of wisdom for you ---> Hard work does not equal success.

I've done some research on this topic over the years of owning several businesses. Here is something interesting that I’ve found— that many 7 and 8 figure earners do NOT have formal education in their craft. What brought them to this level of monetary success was determination, grit, and BELIEF that it could be possible for them. Most people don't believe that they can get there, because they don't think they have what it takes to work "hard enough" to get there. What if I told you that acquiring success didn’t have to be as hard as you think?

We are conditioned as a society to believe that you must work HARD in order to earn something. 

  • You must study hard.

  • You must interview hard. 

  • You need to do everything you can to prove yourself at that internship.

  • In order to launch that business you need to work around the clock and burn out.

These are lies.


When we tell ourselves that we must work hard, that is exactly what life brings us, hardship. I know this firsthand because I've experienced it. Thirty years of my life I was told or so I listened to those saying you need to work hard and prove myself. Once I realized that THIS was the root issue for many, including myself, and began to work less, my business blew up in a good way.

So how the heck can YOU shift out of this limited thinking and begin believing life doesn't need to be so hard? 

1. Read stories of successful entrepreneurs who overcame this lie. I did this and found that these people worked hard for years to eventually uncover the secret to success was staying in a positive mindset and only doing what feels good in business. 

2. Begin replacing "this is hard and I don't have enough time" with "I am given only what I am capable of handling and I have plenty of time for the things that matter most to me". I did this and it was a GAMECHANGER. Again, it sounds easy + simple AND it is easy + simple to replace these words. What we water grows. Change your words (even before believing) and see your thoughts begin to shift before your eyes. Change those thoughts and see your behaviors begin to shift before your eyes. Change your behavior and watch your core beliefs begin to shift before your eyes. 

3. Visualize what your life would look like if it were easy. How would you spend your day in your business? What would you say NO to? What would you do more of? What would you do less of? Now go and act as if. Pretend your life and business is easy and start running it that way. 

4. Lastly, only do what lights you up even if it feels too easy to work. Commit to 90 days of ONLY doing what feels aligned and report back and tell me how your life and business has changed. Guys, I DARE you to try it!!

Did this hit home today? Do you struggle with thinking you NEED to work hard in order to succeed? Comment below and share with me! If think you might be ready to get some support with this, shoot an email to me at kate@katecrocco.com and we will chat about some ways I can support you in getting confident in what is already within you.

If you want to hear more of my morning discussion, make sure to head on over to my YouTube channel to check out the video I did on this topic as well! 

And catch Christine's episode all on this topic over on the Podcast HERE!!!

Blessings + Abundance,

XO Kate