Today I had two yellow butterflies fly past me. The yellow butterfly symbolizes hope, guidance and prosperity. Today is also the day I decided to reopen my therapy practice.

Three years ago this month I found out I was pregnant with our first. Although I was excited, I was even more nervous wondering how I could make this all work. I had four months of pretty much being bedridden with nausea. I panicked and knew if it felt this hard pregnant, it might possibly be this hard with a newborn. I was at a crossroads. I had a therapy practice AND an online coaching business that had exploded (in a good way) those last six months. I wanted to be there for my new baby and I knew I couldn’t do both—brick and mortar therapy and online coaching. So I chose what made the most sense for our new family at that time— transitioning out of the therapy practice. I had a feeling Annabelle was going to arrive a month early, so I wrapped up with clients, took down my sign, and handed in the keys a few weeks before she made her grand arrival.

The last 27 months have been a wild ride, but a life giving one. We now have two babies, we moved and renovated a fixer upper, I published a book and am writing my second, and most recently, my husband opened an eatery. It’s been a joy filled 27 months, but to be perfectly honest, the last six after returning from maternity, I’ve been struggling. The only way to explain it is that every time I’ve attempted to jump back into my coaching business, something has knocked me off my feet. Babies getting sick, me getting sick, household matters needing my attention, and loads and loads of book edits. I’ve said it many times, that I felt like God was trying to tell me something, but I couldn’t quite figure out what that something was......until two days ago.

Looking back, I can see all the little signs that have been dropped at my feet, which at the time, I wasn’t ready to receive. I had even caught myself saying and thinking things as though going back to my practice would never be an option. Now I say this with humility, God has given me a gift to really SEE people. And this is why I love coaching so much, because I can openly express what I see without fear of crossing professional boundaries. Being a coach the last four years has made me a better therapist, one that isn’t afraid to speak up a little more, show emotion, and be human while still being ethical and boundaried in my work. As an early therapist I was a bit on edge about crossing a boundary which held me back from showing up how I really wanted to show up in my practice.

Well I’m here to say that I’m back today. I’m reopening Kate Crocco Therapy AND I’m still coaching my entrepreneurs. After this four year journey, it turns out that I don’t have to be one or the other. I can actually be both and be both with confidence. I will only be working in my practice one day per week, just so that I can still serve my coaching clients, work on my second manuscript, and be even more present for my babies. I can’t tell you how incredibly excited I am to put on real clothes one day a week again! It’s not that I couldn’t do this working from home, but sometimes you need a push!

To my close family and friends, you’re hearing this for the first time because it just happened. I needed to process before sharing and writing this note was just that for me.

Thank you for listening. Cheers to reopening this chapter!

XO Kate

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