Mamahood in Biz Part II

Happy Tuesday Confident Ladies!

Although this blog post may seem geared toward mothers, it is really for ALL of you who are in some type of transition in your life. Maybe you recently experienced a break up and are learning new normals. Maybe you have a loved one who is experiencing health issues. Maybe you yourself are going through some health stuff. In whatever season we are in in life, we are always needing this lesson of surrender.  

One thing I have noticed BIG TIME during this last 14 months of surrender, is that I have the CHOICE to be happy. I’ve become even more aware of my mindset and how it plays a huge part in ones success. Many a times I’ve caught myself at a crossroads asking “do I want to stay here and have a pity party OR do I want to suck it up and just move forward?” I’m not proud to say that there have been recent times where allowing myself to enter into the pity party rabbit hole just felt good. I’m sure some of you know exactly what I’m talking about. And my point here is that you CAN flip your thoughts. You don’t have to be a victim. The world doesn't have to be conspiring against you. The universe is working in your favor. At. All. Times. Amen?

Last week I shared about choosing to keep on going and strengthening my mindset even more than I ever thought capable. I want to share with you what can come out of a seemingly frustrating season when you surrender. These are personal examples from the past month.

  1. Things didn't turn out the way we expected them to with support in our home with the new baby. I wasn't able to get much of anything accomplished. I was devastated. I didn’t want to send her to daycare. I kicked and screamed. But realized I didn't have to be either a “good mom and stay home” or a “selfish mom who wants to run her business and sends her baby to daycare”. These thoughts NEVER crossed my mind about other mothers I knew, JUST myself. I got on my knees, prayed, and asked God for direction. I felt a peace about daycare, reached out to one, no spots open, but God allowed a current family to share two days per week with us. How big is our God?

  2. AB refused the bottle. First five months of her life she would fight us if we tried. I trusted and believed God would not provide daycare if he wasn't going to get her on that bottle. My hubs suggested I contact the local lactation consultant to get tips. Before I could even call her, I ran into the grocery store. Guess who else I see?  AB’s soon to be daycare teacher. Ummm I thought I was dreaming. Too weird. But not a coincidence. It was God orchestrating this. I introduced them both, we talked about how to get AB on the bottle (which I was told by the consultant was highly unlikely at her age to start), but I knew God wouldn't have ordained this moment without following through on his promise. Three weeks later she began to take the bottle. One week later AB began daycare.

  3. The month leading into daycare was not only a busy one, but the kind of month when everything else felt like it was falling apart. In home childcare help went from 20 hours to 8 hours a week. I could basically see my clients and that was it. No other time for visibility, creating, launching, connecting aka all the things that keep my business RUNNING. I wondered if I would be taking steps back and almost needing to “start over”. Would people forget me? Was the business I created slowly diminishing? Lies were telling me, you're going to need to “start over”. Each time I would hear this God would rebuttal it with something big. One day I stepped back and realized all that I had been praying for for YEARS was slowly unfolding. I was being approached to speak at events, I was being paid to speak at events, new clients were still coming to me, I was asked to guest expert and collab on things I one day thought I would need to pitch myself for. Yes. All of this was coming TO me. God was purposefully holding me back from doing all the other things so that I would have space for the things I truly have always desired and prayed for.

Reading over these examples can any of you relate? Looking back on my life I remember these same lessons coming up when I was in graduate school. God blocking me from what I was chasing after to give me what HE knew I truly desired in my heart.

Think back to a time this happened for you. I want you to write that down and look at it when you feel stuck in that desert again. If you’re feeling open today I’d love to hear what this example is for you. Please share your story below. When we share examples, others  read and are able to say, “I too can have this. If this happened for them, it surely can happen for me.”  Make sure to head on over to my YouTube channel to check out the video I did on this topic as well! 

XO Kate