My secret to doing the scary

Happy Tuesday Confident Lady!

Wanna know one of my BIG secrets to landing opportunities? It’s saying YES to them. And even before saying yes to them, it’s being OPEN to them. Many of us go about life unknowingly blocking ourselves from opportunities due to fear of stretching. We are afraid that if the opportunity arises (that we REALLY want), it will be too hard or scary. And the easiest way to avoid the scary is blocking ourselves from the opportunities.

This might look like:

// Not welcoming conversations.

// Not asking.

// Not reaching out to a contact who could ultimately help position you to do something you’ve always dreamed of.

So now I bet you’re wondering how to overcome this and QUIT blocking yourself from goodness?

My simple answer for you is in this less than two minute video clip HERE.

This powerful message has been free, available since 1939 and still, somehow, people are not utilizing it the way it the way they should! My grandmother would say this saying over and over again when she would get overwhelmed or upset by something. And it went something like this ”Today I’ll be like Scarlet O’Hara and think about it tomorrow". This was ingrained in me since I was a little girl-- the concept of putting off the scary feelings for another day until you're ready to conquer.

And today, this is my secret weapon that helps propel me faster than I really want or am ready to go. I have vowed to keep myself open to opportunity. It may come and I may not be ready.

And guess what?

// We will NEVER be ready enough.

// We will never have enough skills.

// We will never have enough money.

// We will never have enough time. And we will never have enough brain space.

Period. We will NEVER be ready.

So when that opportunity arises, grab onto it. Accept it. Invite it in. Do NOT think about the HOW. Say YES and then figure it out. If I waited until I was ready to do the things I do today, I would have never started them. I was never ready enough to quit my 9-5. I was never ready enough to have a baby. I was never ready enough to hire a team. I was never ready enough to host a retreat. I was never ready enough to say yes to paid speaking gigs.

Period. I was never ready, still am not ready AND I still do them anyway. That is my secret for getting ahead and getting what it is I TRULY desire.

It is so easy to get stuck in your own head and over think things. Anyone else agree? If I said “let me think about it for a week and get back to you” to the things I’ve always desired, I would have chickened out. And it would have set me back because I never would be ready.

So does saying YES make it easy to go do those things we want to do? Well my honest answer is not at all.

But what it does do is force us to start preparing and taking the steps necessary for making that thing happen. 2017 was the year I wanted to get in person speaking engagements. I started saying yes and doing them and feeling great. But then I started being asked to do them and be PAID to do them. This felt scary. I wanted to say NO. (Crazy right?) I was afraid of the added pressure of it being paid. But ultimately, wouldn't I want to be paid for something that I’m good at, excites me, and helps me grow my business? Heck yeah! So I said yes and then figured it out after. I realized there was no difference. I was doing the same thing I’d always done, but just be receiving compensation for it--which was an incredible thing!

Bottom line. Say YES to the things you want. Be open to the things you want. Invite them in. And then worry about the “how” you are going to do it.

You’ve got this Confident Lady! Can you relate to this post today? Do any of the points hit home for you? Have you been blocking yourself from saying YES to opportunities because of fears or insecurities? Share with us below so I can give you some feedback and help support you! Make sure to head on over to my YouTube channel to check out the video I did on this topic as well!

XO Kate