Money Mindset and Your Success in Business


Hey Confident Lady,

This week over in the Confident Ladies Club we talked all about money mindset and why it's CRUCIAL in your business.

Here are a few questions to ask yourself:

// Do I have a $$ story? // Is $$ helping me build and grow my business or hold me back from SUCCESS in my business? // Do I repel $$ and clients away due to fear & insecurity? // Do I value my services and charge what I am worth? // Have I been practicing what I preach? Investing in my own business? Or do I sit and wait for clients to pay me for my services without investing in me? (ouch!! I know this is a TOUGH one to ask, but necessary!!)

Truth is, if you want clients to INVEST in your services, you MUST invest in yourself.

This is HUGE. I hear so many business owners saying “no one wants to pay me for my services. I keep getting on Discovery Calls where people JUST want to pick my brain!!”

First question I ask: "Have you paid people for services in your business?"

I guarantee this is what some of you are hearing: “Noooo, I’m just not ready to invest yet. Once I get three paying clients or book one wedding I will have the funds to invest”.  BAM…. That is the issue! First of all, no getting on a Discovery Call with someone unless you know/like/trust and 99% want to work with them. It's a waste of your and their time and time is PRECIOUS in business. And second of all, that client is doing the SAME exact thing to you! If you are not ready in invest even a teeny bit into your business, I will lovingly tell you that you are not ready to have a business where others will pay you. I know this sounds harsh my dears, but someones gotta say it! It saddens me SO much to see so many smart women chasing their tails waiting for a first client to invest. Now you may be thinking, "it must have been easy for you, maybe someone helped you out financially". NOT at ALL. It was a STRUGGLE. I put thousands of dollars on my credit cards on top of the almost 6 figures of student loan debt from my Masters degree. NOT fun at ALL and scary as heck!

But guess what? I didn’t want to wait ONE or TWO years to have a successful business. I wanted a successful business YESTERDAY…. I knew I'd have to invest to get started. And guess what? I paid all that credit card debt off as I went along and made it all back plus just about doubled my 9-5 salary in my first year of business.

Here are a few tips that I give my clients:

1. Identify your blocks. Is money not flowing into your business? Figure out what is blocking it. 2. Realize, there is ALWAYS enough $$ to go around. Just because that one client didn’t sign on with you or book your services, doesn’t mean others won’t!! 3. Open hands to give are ALWAYS open to receive. The more you give abundantly, the more comes back to you. 4. Know that if you want clients to invest in your services, you MUST invest in yourself. I will talk more about this tomorrow.

I tell you this because I want to see you succeed and stop staying stuck in scarcity mindset loves!! You need to GIVE to GET. Also generosity wise as well. Open hands to give value to others are open to receive clients. Make sure you are always in an ABUNDANCE mindset.

Check out this FB live I did on the topic:

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