Fear of Success



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This week we've been talking Mindset in your business and our topic is "Fear of SUCCESS". Yea, I bet you are thinking…”fear of success….huh??” Yes! Many don’t realize that they are afraid of SUCCEEDING! A few questions to start the week with:

// Am I afraid of actually making this work in my business??

// Am I afraid of making lots of money?

// Am I fearful that I will “lose myself”?

// Am I fearful that my relationships will change?

// Can I really keep up?

Really let those questions sink in. They aren’t easy, but what is even harder is letting the above sabotage your success. So here are some tips to help support you when you find yourself in this mindset:

  1. Ask yourself “what is the worst thing that could happen?” “If I become successful and start growing my business and earning more, what’s the worst thing that could really happen?” Maybe you will have less time, BUT you will be earning more which means you can HIRE team members!

  2. ACCEPT that yes, things WILL change. You may not be able to give as many free sessions away or hang out in Facebook groups as often or have solely 1:1 services. And this is all OK! You will get comfortable offering new things and connecting with others in different ways. Maybe now you create a Group Program or a course and you have the opportunity to interact 1:1 more with your clients in there. Maybe now someone will have to clean your house because it takes too much time and you could pay someone a fraction of your rate to clean for you. Is that really so bad?! I love not having to clean my house now!!

  3. Realize that the more “Success” you create, the larger the platform you have to change lives. You can have a greater impact on even more people, even though you may be spending less personal 1:1 time with people. How cool would that feel to be able to share your message with thousands of people waiting to hear?

So quick recap…..in order to break through this fear of success in your business, you must ask yourself “what’s the worst that could happen”, accept change is inevitable, and know that you have the opportunity to make a greater impact on the world. And this leads into some wisdom...... FEEL THE FEAR. Yes, force yourself to jump into it, sit in it, process it in, soak it all up, feel super uncomfortable, challenge those thoughts, and then decide your next steps. Because we all know self sabotage comes from some type of fear-- fear of failing, fear of succeeding, fear of what others will say or think, fear of how things may change and get hard or even easier, fear of great things entering our lives, and so on.

I have been there. For me it feels really uncomfortable knowing what I AM capable of. How my life will change, how relationships may change, what my friends/family will think. It feels more comfortable to stay still, and put where I am. But that's not living a life of freedom. I am human and even a mindset coach gets stuck at times. Yep, I said it out loud!! A couple months back I was building BIG momentum, felt myself up leveling, and what happened?! Some people would get sick in an up-level--but for me, my issue was thinking if I were to up-level and make more $$  in my business, my friends would hate me! Ha It sounds so dramatic AND IT WAS! But it was my way of staying comfortable. “If I don't move ahead in my business, my relationships will stay the same and that will make me happy”.

So I had to do some major sitting in my thoughts work and challenging this limiting belief. "What if I move up in my business and it allows me to hire more people to help me and this frees up even more time to spend with my friends and be there for them?" That's how I had to sit, reframe, and then process. It can be easy for us to think in black and white. For example, I can have happy & healthy relationships with my friends and family OR a successful business. But my dears, you CAN have BOTH. You don't have to pick one or the other. Ok? We self sabotage because we think we can't possibly have it all. But if you want to have it all YOU CAN.

Screenshot 2016-07-14 20.42.29

Screenshot 2016-07-14 20.42.29

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