Un-planned Time Off


Hey Confident Ladies,

You know each month I create Freebie workbooks for you based off of a topic that has come up frequently in the group. And EACH time, I seem to have some big Ah-ha moment after releasing it. July's was all about unplugging from your business and the importance of it in order to keep your mindset in tip-top shape. I talked all about how I plan ahead for my quarterly time off and how great it feels keeping my mind open to receiving during that time.

However, it never phased me to talk about taking UNPLANNED time off. Which I was forced to do over the last week. My grandmother was slowly leaving us so family was visiting to say their possible goodbyes. And then she left us for heaven and today is my first official day 100% back.

In the past I would have freaked out not being able to show up consistently and needing to move clients around. And what I realized is, when you do the work and unexpected things come up, your business will continue running without you. The world is not going to end. You aren't going to lose your momentum. And you WILL catch up.

So many times in the past friends or family would ask me to spur of the moment drop my work to do something fun and I wouldnt in fear of taking unplanned time off.

Well guess what? I am going to start doing this more often now.

// When you lay a strong foundation in your business it will withstand UNPLANNED breaks and time off. // It won't just crash and fall apart. // This unplanned time off may really be what you need for more inspiration // It also sets a positive example for your clients that your life isn't all about business 24/7 and theirs doesn't need to be either

Are you in a mindset to let go when you need to and surrender fear around unplugging from your business? Shoot me an email at kate@katecrocco.com and tell me more about where you are at right now.

XO Kate