Podcast + LIVE Interview Goodies!!!!

Hello Beauty!!

I finally rounded up some of the podcasts and Live Interviews I've done throughout 2016! I still have a few more coming your way, but here are some for now. Grab a cup of coffee, light a candle, snuggle up with your puppy on the couch, and ENJOY!

Creating a Mindset for Success with Yuliya Chernykhovskaya:



Gaining Confidence & Overcoming Impostor Syndrome with

Jessica Rodriguez: http://thedaydreamachiever.com/podcastplaylist/


Strengths Empowered Entrepreneur Interview Series with Joy Martinez: http://www.strengthsdna.com/tsee-interviewseries {Coming Soon!}


How to Attract Your Next Paying Client with Olivia Charlet: https://youtu.be/YSHzhjBjynw?list=PLGLCXbw1XOniixmDiBD-xDNUxwTOfODz-


Creating a Mindset for Success with Kelly Elizabeth Scott: https://youtu.be/dnrwK2-Uifw?list=PLGLCXbw1XOniixmDiBD-xDNUxwTOfODz-


Be Your Most Confident Self with Kelly Elizabeth Scott + Megan Schopieray: http://www.kellyelizabethscott.com/blog/019


The Top 5 Ways to Build Your Confidence with Rachel S. Lee: https://youtu.be/F1haaCx4qa8?list=PLGLCXbw1XOniixmDiBD-xDNUxwTOfODz-