The REAL truth about year One in business: Six Part Series, Part 3

Hello Beauty!

Over the last couple of weeks and next few I will be sharing with you an inside look at year one of my business. I will be sharing the good, the bad, and everything in between. I will be giving my unfiltered views so you can see the reality of what it takes to create a profitable business in a year. I hope this series inspires you to take massive action and start making your dreams a reality. You’ve got this confident lady! Now, let’s dive in:

11.  Give yourself time to implement. Learning is great, but if you keep going from course to course, program to program, when are you actually implementing? Early on, even before I launched my business I would purchase small courses, products, programs, all because I thought I needed to learn everything in order to launch. What I didnt realize until later was the most beneficial was having a 1:1 coach at all times to support me, but limiting the products or programs I was buying. My coaches kept me accountable and focussed. What worked best was in conjunction to working with them, if I took a course, I would not jump into the next until that was completed and mastered. Many women go from course to course without ever implementing. This makes things confusing, hold you back from retaining all the knowledge, and allows very little time to implement. What I found was that my best work was done after the course was actually over. I would take the same amount of time that I spent in the course to re-do the work on my own and watch it come to life in my business. This also ensured I would be getting a better return on my investment. Give yourself time to implement confident lady! I promise you will be much more satisfied with your investments!

12. Don't get sucked into the "manifest harder" pit. You can set intentions and goals, but saying them out loud 20xs per day won't help you achieve them, only hard work will. So often I hear others saying “I didn’t achieve x,y,&z so I must not be manifesting hard enough”. WRONG. It is great to set intention, to write those intentions down, to pray and meditate on them, however, what is most important is the execution. After you’ve done all of the above, what steps are you taking to see that goal come to life? Are you practicing your sales pitch? Are you connecting with new people each week? Are you relentlessly sharing your mission on social media? What is the greatest predictor of success? Certainly not manifesting harder, it’s putting your goals into actionable steps and doing. You’ve got this Confident Lady!! Write those intentions down and now go out and implement!!

13. Create a support network. Connect with people at your level who will understand you and be there to cheer you on. This was something that hit me HARD early on. I’m not gunna lie, it was really hard. I began to realize how different being your own CEO was than working for someone. I started to notice how quickly my mindset had shifted and I began to feel alone. I would be excited to talk to friends and family about my business, but many times they wouldn’t understand. From their lens it looked like I was socializing on social media all day and not really working. They couldn’t understand why I couldn’t just turn off. I felt isolated, but understood it would be impossible to understand if you aren’t in it. I realized that I needed a community of support who would understand me. Who were in this with me and maybe were feeling the same way. I joined a few paid communities and programs and met INCREDIBLE women I today call my biz besties. I saw how important this was in my development and decided I wanted to create a place for women to be wrapped up in support as well. That is where the Confident Ladies Club and now Inner Circle Membership were born.

14. Have paid support around you. It's great to have biz besties, but they are there for FUN...they have their own problems to solve and not yours! If you want help with deeper mindset issues or strategy, hire a 1:1 coach or join a mastermind that has 1:1 built in so that you have SOLID support around you. I vowed to myself to always be working with a 1:1 coach for consistent accountability. Right now that looks like a high level mastermind with monthly 1:1 for 12 months. I saw the value of this model after launching my own Mindset Mastermind + Mentorship last spring. The women got HUGE results in a short period of time. They had monthly 1:1 coaching calls with me, weekly group coaching calls, and bi-weekly Masterclasses by leaders in other industries. After creating this environment for my clients, I knew I needed to find something similar to help me take my business to a whole new level for 2017. And boy has it been effective! My tip, keep the fun for the biz besties and business to your 1:1 coach!!

15. Don't fall into the trap of "this is such a good deal. I better get it now before I miss out" mindset. Just because it's a deal or retiring doesn't mean it's the best thing for your business at that time. I remember first being introduced into the coaching world and wanting to fall for these deals myself. Then I realized, there will ALWAYS be another and a BETTER deal available. Even when doing sales in my own business, I NEVER pressure anyone to dive into the “great deal” if they aren’t 100% ready. During my Group Coaching launch over the summer I had a call with a lady who really wanted to join, but felt vacation plans and medical appointments could possibly hold her back from engaging as much as she would like to.  She honestly asked me “what do you think I should do? Should I just just sign up?” I told her NO. I informed her it will be something I will re launch in the future and I only want her to sign up if she feels able to put her all in at the moment. I will be re launching this same program later this month and boy was she excited when she saw my announcement. She also thanked me for not pressuring her into the “buy now or lose your chance” tactics many use. So pretty please do NOT purchase if you have the FOMO mindset, purchase only if it’s what you NEED at the moment.

What are your thoughts on these tips? Do any really hit home with you or confirm something you've been feeling for some time? I’d love to hear your feedback and even experience with this. Please share below in the comments. If you'd like even more support in your business, let's hop on a Discovery Call to talk about how I can help you meet your goals through some mindset coaching. Simply fill out this app and we will get your call in the books!

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