Relationships in Business



Hey Beauty!

This week we are talking Confidence and our topic is "Relationships." One way to keep your confidence in check is to set boundaries in your relationships. Feeling taken advantage of is on the top-10-list of confidence-killers in my books!

********Today ask yourself this********

Are your relationships boosting your confidence & building you up?

OR making you feel badly about yourself?

Todays tip: Set Boundaries from DAY ONE.

Yes, not in a week or “when they become a client” or “once we get to be closer friends”. NO, NO, NO. Set them from DAY ONE. This keeps it simple for everyone, no guessing games. Take a moment today and evaluate how strong {or not so strong} your boundaries are. Are they clear with friends and family? Potential clients? Current clients?

Ask yourself this:

  1. Do I know my boundaries?

  2. And if I do, do I lay the law in these relationships?

  3. And if not, what's the first step I can take to begin??

One TIP that has made me SUCCESSFUL in my business is having a strong sense of my boundaries in personal AND business relationships. It can be very easy in this industry to let people overstep them by "just asking a few questions" AKA... picking your brain.

++++++++++ Did I ever mention that my private practice coaching business started because of so many people "picking my brain"?!?!?!++++++++++

When I opened my first business, my private therapy practice, many people wanted to know how I did it-- they were coming from all over wanting to have a "phone date" or "grab coffee." After giving all my secrets away for free and feeling DEPLETED, I realized I could start charging for this information. And so I did! I created a "services menu" and when people would ask how to start a private practice I would give them a quick consult and then tell them they could hear more about it in a coaching session with me. And the rest was history!

This brought me into the world of coaching and eventually I ended up blending my psychotherapy skills into coaching and created my Confidence & Mindset Coaching practice for lady bosses!

Now the reason for setting this boundary was to protect my own time, along with my paying clients time! If I was helping everyone in their mother, I would feel drained, spread thin, and overworked and then how could I show up 100% for my clients?! There would be no way that I could and thank goodness I knew that from the start! Even today with my coaching business I am super careful how I spend my time outside of client support and calls. If a non-client is messaging me all the time I will politely offer my services and explain how 1:1 time is reserved for my current clients. Again, if I gave into PM message conversations all the time, my paying clients would probably want to fire me because I wouldnt have the energy and space to give them during our time together. So pretty pleaseeeee set boundaries. Don’t let people overstep them or your business will literally fall apart. Ok? XOXO

Check out the Facebook Live video I did in the Confident Ladies Group on this topic this week!

I'd love to here if you have experienced this or need any extra support with confidence & boundaries in your life and business? Shoot me an email at and I will tell you how I can better support you in this area.

XO Kate