Money Mindset


Hey Confident Ladies!

This week we've been talking $$$ Mindset + INVESTMENTS. I am going to start with some fun facts today…...21k.  Now I’m sure you’re wondering what this number is?? This number is the amount of money I INVESTED into my businesses in 2015.

+++Yea, sounds like a lot AND so far in 2016 have already almost invested that much back into the business+++ Now a few Q’s you might ask…...

// Did I have all of that money upfront? Heck NO!!

// Did I invest a little at a time? YES!!

// Did I have to put it on credit cards in order to make it happen? I SURE DID!

// Did I pay those credit cards off right away? YEP!

// Did I get clients as a result of it? NOPE!! (go to the next question lol)

// Did I have to put 100% into those investments and work them along with my MINDSET to nurture & see them grow and THEN produce clients?! I SURE DID!!

// Did I make ALL this $$ back my first year in business? YEP!!

+++++ Last and most IMPORTANT question+++++

// After spending over 21k in investments last year, did I at least make my old 9-5 salary back after subtracting the 21k? I sure did PLUS much much MORE!!!!! 

Now for Today's Tip of the Day: RE-EVALUATE your Investments…Being a Mindset & Confidence Coach, most women who come to me looking for help have invested quite a bit in their businesses.


// have hired high end business coaches

// spent thousands of $$ on programs

// haven't seen results

// are at the end of their rope, about to quit their business

// and swear off ever hiring a coach again!!

What do I tell them? We've gotta WORK YOUR MINDSET. I guarantee if we work your Mindset and you go back and apply all that program told you to do, all that Business Coach suggested that you do, YOU WILL SEE RESULTS!

Ok here is an example I shared with my Invisible---> Impactful ladies last week:

You can go with a buddy to the gym every day. Your buddy is seeing MAJOR results and you're seeing NONE. Your buddy does 30 minutes a day of walking and you do 30 mins a day of socializing. You feel it isn't fair because you've been going to the gym together for MONTHS and she's seeing results and you're not..........Get the picture?

I was one of those people in the past. I would blame it on everyone else. Until I learned it was my MINDSET. When you have a clear + SUCCESS mindset, you can pretty much find results from any program or even freebie that you get. Here’s an example: I've gotten massive results from a free webinar before, just because I went in with the right MINDSET.

If you want to start seeing MASSIVE results from your investments, it's actually pretty easy!

You just need to change your MINDSET! Now I am going to share with you one KEY FACT that I've learned about investing in my business, READY?!  Break through the $$-Mindset issues because.........

+++++ If I don't invest in MY business, NO ONE else will +++++

I think of it as schooling. I had the choice to go to a state school or Ivy League..... I sure as heck did not want to be in debt my entire life, but I knew the research and connections and honors those professors at Columbia had would be worth the money.

And guess what?! Even though I didn't have the money I took out a loan & made the INVESTMENT.

In grad school my second year mentor was trained under the woman who developed Dialectical Behavior Therapy, Marsha Linehan. The school INVESTED in this professor, therefore I INVESTED in the the school.

And when I started my 1st business as a therapist, 98% of my clients came to me because of my INVESTMENT. They saw in my profile what I was trained in DBT and said they "had to have it". My coaching business is a little different-- I invest in things like programs and coaches. I don't want to scare anyone into thinking that you have to go to school. This is just the amount of credentials that I needed to be a private practice therapist.

+ Does this resonate with anyone today?

+ Are you having clients flow into your business?

+ If not, have you TRULY been investing in your own development?


+ If not, are you ready to work on this Mindset block?

If so, shoot me an email at and i’ll tell you some ways I can help support you.

XO Kate