WOW it happened AGAIN...


Hey Confident Lady!

I have shared this MULTIPLE times with you all. When you get into the mindset of EASE + ABUNDANCE in your business, BIG things happen! I was out of town over the weekend for FOUR days. I relaxed and also did some leisurely work. Well guess what? While I was away I received Voxer message after Voxer message (how I communicate with my 1:1's) about client WINS. And these were wins like:

// a client quitting her 9-5!!! // bringing in 8k so far for the month // another client bringing in 16k in a day and 26k for the month

// signing on four new clients // clients booking multiple discovery calls and new clients in the works!

How incredible is that? I talk a LOT about sharing our CLIENTS wins rather than trying to "woo" people with OUR OWN achievements. We see this a LOT in the coaching industry, "I made 20k in a day! I had a 30k month! Look at me I make so much money!!"

SERIOUSLY?? It's so sad it has gotten to this in the industry, that people have to try convincing clients to work with them because of their big numbers (that we have no idea are even real). This is why I never share numbers, ONLY client achievements. Don't get me wrong, I certainly make a decent living, but what I make DOES NOT REFLECT how I DELIVER....... Anyone can be conned into working with someone because of their numbers, and those who are CONFIDENT that they can deliver don't have to share these numbers in order to get clients. I know I can just BE ME, share my knowledge, and I will consistently get ideal clients and SO CAN YOU.

So quit looking around at everyone else's achievements and focus on being unapologetically YOU. THIS is how you will get clients and business.

What does this bring up for you? I'd love to hear. You can reach out via email at

XO Kate