Sacrifice in Business

Happy Tuesday...BRACE YOURSELVES Ladies......this is gunna be a long one AND some of you may not like me after reading this!

The words SACRIFICE + INVESTING tend to bring up all types of feels for many. From fear, to excitement, to yearning, to intimidation, etc. First what I want to say is investing should ONLY feel good. And second, if you want to be a true CEO of your business, you need to work your mindset so that it DOES feel good. Now why? Because the only way to grow + scale your business AND create ease /flow within your business is to make SACRIFICES + INVEST. I know, you probably don’t want to hear the hard truth, but tough love never killed anyone. Let me start by sharing my story of sacrifice + investing.

Today people ask me….”How did you get to six figures your first year in business? What was the magic pill? It sounds so easy. I NEED to make six figures, BUT here are all my excuses to why my situation is different than yours. I don’t have money to invest so I can’t. I want to first quit my 9-5 so it doesn’t feel so hard. I can’t be working evenings or weekends because I need to have a life. Blah blah blah the list goes on. AND I still want to have an outcome JUST like yours.”

As I hear all of this (which I do quite OFTEN), I slowly take a deep breath in, compose myself and lovingly tell them --->if it were that EASY, everyone would be doing it right???

Here is a {#DepressingReality} snapshot of what pre-launch into year one looked like for me:

// Invested over $8,000 in programs and courses six months prior to launching to help me set the business foundation. Full transparency, this was put on credit cards.

// Worked 16 hour days as I ran my full time private psychotherapy practice, managed income properties with my husband and also hustled a jewelry party business in my “spare time” for extra cash and networking/relationship building.

// Eventually stepping back in business #1 so that I could take on FREE scholarship clients in my coaching business to practice my skills and hone in on my niche. This meant taking a paycut of 50% so that I could invest more time in working with ladies for FREE.

// Having to learn + do ALL THE THINGS tech and systems that I was horrible at, just so that I could understand what I would eventually be handing off to a team.

// Saying no to almost every social event for 12 months hoping my friends and family wouldn’t leave me.

// Making ZERO money in my business 6 months pre launch until a couple of months in, while taking on even more FREE clients. The first 3 months alone I gave way over 100 FREE coaching hours

I’ll stop there. I think you get the picture. It took a LOT of sacrifice to accomplish six figures year one in my business. I hope it doesn’t have to be that hard for you.  BUT reality is ---> it probably will be.  If it were easier than that, most people WOULD NOT quit right? So on top of this major sacrifice of time and releasing finances, what else helped me propel my results faster? Yes, investing, even when I didn’t have the money. Not making excuses as to why I couldn’t invest and putting on a credit card.  Taking a pay cut so I could see more clients for free was pretty scary on one hand, but liberating on the other because I KNEW this was the type of sacrifice and investment that would get me NON typical results. And it did.

I continued to invest in more 1:1 and group support so that I could SHORTEN my timeline. I knew I COULD do it all on my own if I really wanted, but it would take me YEARS to learn. And ain't nobody got time for that!! I knew I wanted NON typical results so again, so would need to take non typical ACTION. I invested more, began to see a return. Invested a little more, started seeing even more return, until my credit cards were paid off,  I was bringing in an income, and before I knew it hitting six figures.

Did this all feel warm and fuzzy and exciting?! Heck no. It felt scary, BUT each investment I made I was certain would work if I did the work. This is what changed my mindset around investing. It started feeling good because I was CONFIDENT in my abilities. I knew I wasn’t investing to find a magic pill, I was investing to condense and shorten my timeline to ultimately create EASE in my business.

Almost two years later I can run my business with ease BECAUSE I made the sacrifices and continue to invest in myself. I now reap the benefits and can work only 20 hours per WEEK and still bring in more than my old 9-5’s. I CAN afford a team to do the rest of the work because I made the sacrifices early on and invest in getting the help now.

You too CAN have what it is you desire. If you want to be in a place of ease, working 20-hours per week making a decent income, you have to earn it. Yep I said it. You may not like me now and that’s fine! I am not going to lie and tell you that it’s easy. I am not going to get you to believe you can work 10 hours a week and make 7 figures from a beach on your laptop while sipping pina coladas. You guys know me. I am real. I am honest. I don’t sugar coat things. People LOVE reading success stories of people sipping pina coladas making 7 figures year one in business. That’s just NOT my story and I’m not sure if it REALLY is anyone’s story.

Today I am leaving you with a few questions to ponder:

  1. How willing have I been to make the hard sacrifices and investments to get the result I desire?

  2. Have I truly put 110% in OR has fear held me back?

  3. What is one SACRIFICE I know that I need to make in order to see faster results in my business?

  4. What is one INVESTMENT I know that I need to make to expedite my results in my business?

  5. What excuses may I tell myself from making the above?

  6. If I were to make the sacrifice + investment how could that change and propel my business? How could that help me expedite my timeline for success?

Now I’d love to hear if this hit home today? Comment below and share with me! 

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Blessings + Abundance,

XO Kate