No such thing as COMFORT in CALLING

Happy Tuesday loves!

A few weeks back I listened to a sermon from Elevation Church which gave me great comfort. Now the title of this sure doesn't sound comfortable, but you'll see why I found comfort this concept he discussed.

Pastor Stephen brought up the idea that in order for us to fulfill our true calling, we are going to need to get UNCOMFORTABLE. Great movements in this world weren't created in a place of comfort. This is why story has always been so helpful for me to hear. I cringe when I hear the  get rich quick while sitting on a beach with a cocktail story because I know it can't be the truth. Great achievements take grit and passion. This is why I am so passionate telling my story because it was anything BUT a smooth ride. 

We often think if doesn't feel good it must not be right. Let me explain this because I do always say "only do what feels good" and don't want you to get the wrong idea. I look at "feeling good" from two different perspectives in business.

1. There is the "this is so hard. I want to pass out when I think about speaking in front of hundreds of people but I know I want to do it"

2. And then there is the "speaking totally isn't for me. My people connect through writing. It feels so good to be confident in this and just deliver writing to them and anything else would be out of alignment". 

See there are two different ways of looking at "feeling good". 

Is it out of your comfort zone, but if you could master it, it would feel amazing? 


Is it just out of alignment with your mission?

Two very different examples. This article is about the first.

You KNOW deep down there is a longing and a pull to do something, but you're scared.

You don't quite feel qualified. 

You are afraid of the commitment it might require.

It feels so far out of reach to be possible for you.

It would be really uncomfortable to even begin working toward this calling and what if you failed?

Well I get it lady. These are valid points, but women who made history never allowed these to hold them back. They pushed through that uncomfortable. The knew that the outcome FAR exceeded the fleeting emotions. They knew that the outcome could be permanent if they could only tolerate the pain for a bit. 

Great things were never born in comfort. 

Perfect example. I never heard a mother say after giving birth "that felt amazing and didnt hurt one bit". Ummm if they did they're super human or something because most find it super uncomfortable if not unbearable. But, WE STILL DO IT, because the end result far outweighs the temporary pain.  And this is why women continually have babies! They forget the pain because of all the joy the end result provides. Call us crazy, but we are super humans.

How willing are you to get uncomfortable to see extraordinary results? I used to say " I just want to feel settled and content". Ummm I've learned that for myself, settled and content sounds like a death sentence. I strive to grow and stretch myself each and every day. That is how I find fulfillment in life. It's not in the mundane, but in the uncomfortable. 

I want to challenge you to try what I've been doing for as long as I can remember......

......don't let a day pass you where you aren't feeling uncomfortable. 

I make sure I do something each and every day to challenge my comfort zone. Ladies, it can be as simple as "this bacon isn't crispy as I ordered it. Can you please take it back and fix it?" I coached a friend through this the other day, true story. 

A personal example has been asking for raw feedback on my book proposal. Asking people to tear it apart and push me to craft it into something even more amazing. It can be scary when you ask for it, but the feeling you get after taking that feedback and correcting it is so gratifying. 

Try it today and then each day thereafter. No more living life in comfort. You want non basic results, don't be basic. Take the extra step. Love you lady!

Now I’d love to hear if this hit home today? Comment below and share with me! 

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XO Kate