The not so simple parts of simplifying

Happy Tuesday Ladies!

This has been a post on my heart for some time. I shared with you all that my 2018 word has been SIMPLIFY. And guys, you know when you chose your word, BEWARE, you will be CHALLENGED beyond belief. The first three months (gosh where does time go?!) I have literally gone back to the basics. And today I want to share with you how exactly I did this in case YOU would like to add some simplicity to your life!

1. I evaluated what was no longer serving me. Here are three q's I asked myself:

...What was taking up space and time in business, but not bringing a big enough return to be worth it?

...Even though it was not taking up my time per se, what was taking up space and being a distractor of what is most important?

... And what did I have just to "have it" but maybe wasn't making the most impact?

I went through my website and pretty much wiped it clean. Guys this was HARD. I had spent thousands on copy that I erased. I had spent thousands on design and management and setup of several products that I erased. But if they were only taking up space {freebies included} and not making a big enough impact, I knew it was time to go. This was HARD. The stuff I had was good, but our focus shouldn't be on the good, but the GREAT.

2. I evaluated what was no longer serving me in my schedule. Each quarter I tend to move my schedule around to help me be most productive with my time. One that was a game changer was when I began ONLY listening to voice messages during my morning and late afternoon drives to daycare. I can now stay focussed during the day and give my undivided attention during my drives to and from daycare. Win win for all!

3. I had to put exciting ideas on hold. In the past I'd have an exciting idea come to mind and IMMEDIATELY begin taking notes, mapping things out, putting things on a Pinterest board, etc. And 90% of the time that idea remained just that because of lack of time to follow through. Rather than potentially wasting time, I recently began writing the idea down, but not mapping it out. Taking that time to only focus on my NOW work and projects. I began telling myself, if this does come to fruition then I can get excited and start the process, but no sense in starting if there isn't TIME to follow through with it in the moment. Recently I've been super disciplined ONLY working on my book proposal and putting those other fun ideas on the back burner. I'm telling you this is a HARD one for me, so if I can do it, so can YOU.

4. Lastly, really practicing surrender.

"God I want this thing to be perfect. I want to do it "the right way" but I know I don't have the time or capacity so please help me just do my best".

This is a prayer I have to say quite often. It can be so easy for me to want things to look perfectly put together and polished, but what is more important? The energy I place in making something look perfect OR the energy I have behind the teaching and execution of the idea. So rather than spending lots of time and money having training videos filmed, edited and so on, I just record them via Zoom. I can save that energy for sharing my message and my excitement behind what I am teaching. 

Sisters, what are you trying to simplify in your life today? What are you holding onto so tightly? What area of your life or business are you trying to control when you know it doesn't have to be that hard? Share with us below!

Make sure to head on over to my YouTube channel to check out the video I did on this topic as well! 

Love you lady!

XO Kate