Your business is not your identity

Happy Tuesday loves!

So excited to share about something that's been on my heart the past week. For as long as I can remember my identity has been in whatever my "thing" has been at the moment. And as long as I excelled in that "thing", my life would feel fulfilled.

How many of you can relate to this in some way?

// You own a business and when business is up, you're up. When business is down, your life is over?

// Maybe you're in a relationship and when things are good with your partner you feel like you're winning at life and when things aren't so good you again feel like your life is over.

// Maybe you're a mom and when your kids listen you feel great and when they don't and your patience is through the roof, you despise who you've become.

I am here to tell you today that your happiness doesn't have to be conditional.

Your business is NOT your identity.

I can't tell you how many lady bosses report this to me. They report their life and business looking like a contraction monitor. They're way up and then they're down. And these women never believe me when I tell them it doesn't have to be that way. Yes, we can't control our life circumstances, but we can control the way we react to what happens to us. Today I am going to share three simple tips to help you split from the belief that your value is determined by your business.

Tip #1. Memorize this --> Your business does not equal your life success. Who are you really? If your business was stripped away from you, what would you be left with? If your answer is nothing, then we got some work to do sister! I've been there before. I deeply believed if I lost my business or it didn't succeed at the level I had hoped, I would have or be nothing. This is not a good place to be because as we know, businesses have seasons and it isn't fair for you to allow those seasons to dictate your happiness.

Tip #2. Figure out what brings you joy --> I'm sure before starting a business you had many hobbies or activities you would engage in to escape from the 9-5. I would read, crochet, do other fun Pinterest projects, bake, etc. These activities brought joy into my life and then I began my business and quickly forgot that I once had hobbies. Anyone else relate? For me, having a baby was the best thing for my business because it brought me back to those fun projects and non business creative thinking I once enjoyed. Make a list of all the fun things you did before starting your business and start slowly re introducing them or other fun things into your life.

Tip #3. Find accountability --> This one is super important. You need friends, family, mentors in your life who can hold up a mirror and tell you "you're doing it again". I tend to assign my clients the exercise of finding hobbies quite often. They usually don't like me in the moment, but later when the clarity hits and they realize they actually are capable of having fun again will then thank me for the challenge. It's so important we have people in our lives who will call us out and bring us back to reality when we begin going back to the slippery slope. 

I want to challenge you today to maybe just take that first step and identify, "this is me. I tie my value, worth and identity to my business success". If you can do that, that is HUGE and I applaud you. Next, if you're ready start with one of the tips above to get your feet wet. Then the next and the next. Business and life were both meant to be fulfilling. And when you tie so much of the self worth into the business, it makes neither of them fun. 

Did this hit home today? If so shoot me a message below or an email at for some extra tips and support. I believe in you lady!!

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Blessings + Abundance, 


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