The mindset behind community over competition

Happy Tuesday Confident Ladies!

So excited for this blog post today as I get to share a little more depth of what went into the CL Inner Circle 17 Days of Generosity! First of all, if you haven't signed up yet, pause what you are doing and sign up HERE. Once you sign up beginning TOMORROW, you will receive a jam packed full of value goodie each day for SEVENTEEN days in November. These 17 gifts will include business and self development related gifts that will help you stretch and grow in your life and biz. 

So I bet you are wondering how this idea came to life and who these women are?! And this is a great question! This time last year I was brainstorming ways to come up with creative avenues to push and stretch my Inner Circle ladies to step up and take on more leadership roles. This was something that they were voicing over and over again. You know I am big on teaching others how to grow their businesses through getting out there, being visible, sharing value, and fostering connections. So this is something we committed to work on as a group. 

I had an idea that during my maternity I could give a select number of ladies an opportunity to lead my Confident Ladies Club FB Community. This would be a huge stretch for some of the women as the community had grown to nearly 2000 at the time (now well over 3k!). I originally was going to select 6 women to each takeover one week, but after having 11 apply (with beautifully detailed proposals), how could I pick just 6?! So that was our very first group project. The women poured their hearts and souls into their teaching week. Many of them creating challenges and giveaways to grow engagement and build relationships in the group. 

Afterward, they reported how much they loved participating in this collaborative project and concluded, this would be a part of the Inner Circle model---> community and collaboration. A few things the women realized after working together in the Takeover:

1. Supporting each other and cheering each other on, in turn brought awareness to ALL of their businesses.

2. They realized that they all had different skills and expertise to share even if their business was similar.

3. They also realized how FUN work (visibility) can be.

4. I also challenged them to promote themselves at the end of their week, which was a HUGE stretch for some, but afterward many began to notice increased sales and leads as they became a little more at ease in this arena.

We decided shortly after that we would continue the collaborations together. We met as a group for some brainstorming sessions (in addition to our group calls) and poof, THIS giveaway was born! The few of us who organized it decided not only the Inner Circle clients would be spotlighted, but also, we would invite the women who guest experted for our group. After lots of planning and collaboration, a little over half of the group committed to creating a special freebie gift JUST FOR THIS GIVEAWAY, along with committing to promote it for a set amount of time.

HOW STINKIN AMAZING IS THIS?! Oftentimes in business we look around at what others are doing and try to be the "most" innovative which is awesome, but why not use the resources that are literally at your fingertips to create something beautiful? I guarantee right now you have at least a handful of other women right by your side ready to collab with you. Get yourself in the mindset of realizing the power of numbers. The power of joining your talents and gifts. The power of promoting one another which in turn promotes you. The power of giving over receiving. And the power of open hands to give are ALWAYS open to receive. 

Boy have we received SO much throughout this process of creating this giveaway. Friendships have strengthened, visibility has increased, GIFTS have been given, confidence has been stretched, team work has been formed, tribes have increased, and collaboration has been modeled. Today I want to challenge you to take a look around you and find 3-12+ people you can join forces with to do GOOD. And go, brainstorm and create something great together! Once you accomplish this please come back and share with us! We would love to support you Confident Ladies!!

XO Kate

P.S. If you want to receive 17 FREE gifts, sign up HERE.