What it really takes to get into a CEO Mindset: Six Part Series, Part 4

Hello Confident Lady,

Boy do I have a surprise for YOU! One year ago I did a series where I shared with you what it really takes to get into the "CEO Mindset" of a six figure business owner and I am bringing it back again! You know I am super transparent in all that I do and I'm sharing my wisdom to inspire you to take action in ways that ONLY feel good for you. Each Tuesday for the next three weeks, I will be sharing 5 insider tips on what it takes to run a profitable, sustainable and freedom living business. Ok let’s dive in:

16. Get real with yourself. How badly do you want this? Are you willing to make sacrifices to make it happen faster than normal? Or do you want to still enjoy life and take time off? Either is fine, but if you do the latter, remember your results will take much longer than someone who makes all the sacrifices! Many women I work with say they want results FAST, but also want weekends and evenings off. I am super transparent with my clients, if you want results quickly, this isn’t going to happen. Today I am able to work only 20 hours per week as a new mama, but it wasn’t always like this! It can be deceiving for some because they see how I run my business today with ease, bringing in a pretty nice profit, but don’t see what happened behind the scenes to get to this place. The first 8 months of my business was pretty much working 5:30am-10pm Mon-Fri and an additional 16 hours give or take on the weekends. Yea, do the math, that’s 90+ hours per week of strictly working....NOT sustainable. I work a fraction of the amount of time now, but again, it’s because I put the time in that would normally take someone maybe 2-3 years to do. This is exactly why you can’t compare your present to someone else’s middle, you just don’t know the backstory. The beauty of entrepreneurship is you have a CHOICE. You can choose to take your time and see success slowly evolve, or you can go all in, hustle mode and blow up your business quite quickly. 

17. Be ok with messing up--this is how you learn. Let a client cross a boundary? Now you know you won't let it happen with future clients. Use each moment in your business as a teachable moment. I have learned to NEVER beat myself up over the little things! We ALL make mistakes in our business and we have to forgive ourselves, reflect, take the lesson and file it into our “lessons learned toolbox”. If you run your business in perfection mode, you will MISS OUT on opportunities and lessons to stretch and grow you along the way. Many ask “when do I start setting boundaries with clients that cross them?” I say “before you even start!” Many wait for the issue to arise before having a solution. This has been something that has saved me BIG TIME in my business. Having everything written out to begin with. This can really eliminate small disagreements and give your client clarity before whatever even happens. This has saved me SO much time and headache in my business and the less I have to worry about messing up!

18. Humble yourself. Know you must do the dirty work, the free work, the “lower totem pole responsibilities” AND be ok with it. We can't all start out hiring an assistant. You've got to work your way up! Two years back I really enjoyed reading The Power of Broke by Daymond John. He interviewed dozens of successful entrepreneurs and the one thing I admired that they all had in common was starting from “humble beginnings”. Daymond grew up with a single mother and very little money. He busted his behind to help work his way up. He did the tiring, grueling and dirty work no one else wanted to do and look where it took him?! He learned the value of a dollar, the importance of humility, and the power of consistency. This is where he coined the term “power of broke”. Those who succeed in business are those who do the hard work from the start, know and acknowledge there is no quick fix magic pill, and are in it for the long haul. 

19. GIVE and give abundantly without expecting return. Offer free calls, scholarships, lower cost spaces in your programs, freebies, pretty much as much value as you can give without burning out. SO many new business owners go into business looking for ways that they can benefit. But what if you flipped that mindset and ran your business through genuinely helping others who needed it? This doesn’t mean giving ALL your 1:1 time away, but it means giving when you have the means and space to give, then GIVE. This really goes off of yesterday’s tip of humbling yourself. Many service based business owners I work with say “I’m done giving free calls away. I’ve worked YEARS doing this work, why can’t I just make money?!?” I say, “if you want to make money, humble yourself and remind yourself that this is a NEW business, just like a new job where you would have to impress a boss, you must impress and win over your tribe!” This also takes the pressure out of sales! When you give abundantly in your business, you never have to sell a day in your life. People know, like, + trust you enough to spread your name like wildfire and will want more of what you have to give. The sales in turn happen naturally. 

20. Take everything in the online world with a grain of salt. Just because someone says they signed on 10 clients their first month in business doesn't mean they did. Just because someone is boasting of 6 figure months doesn't mean they are actually getting them. Get the picture? Don't believe all you see. In the online marketing world people like to skew results to entice you to purchase from them. Maybe they had a 20k launch in one day, but did you see the months of work that went into that launch? And realize that they now are booked solid with clients for the next 6-months, so rather than having a 20k-day, this really is SIX MONTHS of their salary all upfront. Looks completely different doesn’t it? I’ve seen this time and time again. Someone boasting about their INSTANT success, yet knowing the backstory of what is really going on. This is why I don’t see it helpful to share my daily, weekly, or monthly numbers with you girls. It could put some people into comparisonitis mode and not see the BIG picture of how hard I worked to earn that profit. This is why you HAVE to stay in your own lane and not let other’s boasting about their wins derail you from the path to  success you are on!! Got it?!

Does any of this resonate with you? Comment below and let me know! If so and you think you might be ready to get some support with this, shoot an email to me at kate@katecrocco.com

Blessings + Abundance, 
XO Kate