The REAL truth about year One in business: BONUS WEEK

Hello Beauty!

Over the last six weeks I've shared with you an inside look at year one of my business. I shared the good, the bad, and everything in between. I gave my unfiltered views so you can see the reality of what it takes to create a profitable business in a year. I hope this series has inspired you to take massive action and start making your dreams a reality.

Now I have a big SURPRISE!! I have a new addition coming to my life + business!! And it’s a precious little baby. Over the last 4.5 months, my life + business have completely changed in so many incredible ways and I can’t NOT share them with you!! I so enjoyed sharing my top tips of what I learned in Year One of business and now I want to share with you some mindset shifts I experienced over the last few months that I hope will debunk some fears and insecurities many of you may be facing. You’ve got this confident lady! Let's dive in.

1. Your business will NOT fall apart when you lean back if you have laid a strong foundation from the start. This was my BIGGEST fear since beginning my business. I knew my business would survive small chunks of time being off, but it was HARD to trust it would run with me pretty much absent for two months due to unbearable morning sickness (which they never tell you, is actually ALL day sickness!). But what I realized was, using the framework I teach in my “Let’s Go From Invisible → Impactful Group Coaching Program”, set me up for incredible SUCCESS. Because I followed this framework from October 2015- early August 2016 I….

  1. Had laid an unshakeable foundation in my business

  2. Grown my know/like/trust factor

  3. Created a thriving Facebook Community of over 1400+ women at the time

  4. Had formed relationships and partnerships with other entrepreneurs to continue getting my name out there in other ways…. Podcasts, guest expert series, blogging, program bonuses, etc.

2. Start before you’re ready when you have “the itch”. Back in the spring I felt a strong pull to create a Group Mastermind AND a Group Coaching program and pretty much launch both at once. Some might think this sounds crazy, launching two programs back to back, but something within told me to just DO IT. It was an unstoppable itch I could not scratch until both were successfully launched. And guess what?! They were both a HUGE success. These both brought my business to a whole new level, grew my confidence, helped solidify my winning mindset mentality, AND set me up for future success. And how? Well I am currently in the midst of my Group Program launch as we speak AND re launching my Mastermind in January to begin in March! There is NO way I would have been able to pull both these launches off for the first time with the health issues I’ve been experiencing. But literally everything from emails to welcome packets were DONE and just had to be slightly tweaked.

3. God’s timing is always PERFECT timing. I can NOT stress this enough!! God is SO SO good to us when we honor and listen to him even when we don’t understand. Like I mentioned yesterday, I felt a strong pull to launch two BIG programs back to back in the springtime. And rather than slowing down after I really felt a call to “keep on going” and launch a membership site. From the spring to end of summer I honestly wasnt sure how I was getting so much done in my business. I had been taking some extra time off, had tons of energy (which I thought was from time off), and had ideas flowing like CRAZY nonstop. It was almost like I couldnt turn off my brain, but not in a bad way at all. I just felt like I had this urgency to work ahead. Early August I was even on vacation with some girlfriends and woke up super early naturally refreshed each day with my mind brimming with content. I spent those mornings poolside with my iced coffee and laptop content creating. And by then had created ALL my content and pre planned it out til OCTOBER. The following week after the trip was when I found out I was going to be not just a fur mama, but a human mama! And little did I know that the next few months I would be so sick.

4. Your timing is not always God’s timing.  I dont know about you, but I always pray for what I think I need at the moment, but God sometimes has a different timing for us! We may pray “God please bless me by this time next year with what it is I desire in my life + business”” and he may have a different and better plan to give it to you much sooner than you had hoped or dreamed for. Or you may pray “God please bless me NOW with what I desire in my life + business” and his BEST plan for you, may not be for a few more years! We just don’t truly know what is best for us until God reveals it. When you are praying hard to have x, y, & z right NOW, be at peace knowing your time is not always the BEST time for you. You may think youre prepared, but God knows you need some working and molding before he gives you what youre asking for. Learn to live in this peace, never kicking and screaming, but believing your timing is not always HIS timing and HIS timing is ALWAYS perfect timing!

5. Think BIG picture.  I know we hear THINK BIG all the time AND people say it over and over because those who put “thinking big” into practice, see the results that come with a winning mindset! I’ve always thought big and “acted as if” in my business. What I mean by this is, do everything 110% “as if I am creating the results I may not currently have”. For example, when my facebook community had a humble few hundred people this time last year, I showed up as if I had an audience of the 1600+ I now have in my group! I was so grateful for those few hundred women and nurtured those relationships to the best of my ability. I also knew in order to grow and stretch, I’d need to hire a team. This was not easy, as I love doing things on my own, but I continued to think BIG picture. If I wanted this business to grow at the pace it grew the first 8 months, I would need support to help me keep it going, plus expand it even more.

Today I want you to take a moment and think of where you want to be in one year. How do you want to be waking up each day? Running your business? Spending your free time? Now, act as if you are already there and just begin doing those things! Sounds so simple right?? Well it really is! My next “act as if” is being a published author and speaker. I am slowly doing adding things that writers and speakers would add into their business to succeed. Share with us below in the comments where you want to be in a year and how you will begin to “act as if” today?! If you'd like even more support in your business, let's hop on a Discovery Call to talk about how I can help you meet your goals through some mindset coaching. Simply fill out this app and we will get your call in the books!