Welcome 2018

2018 is going to be different..

✨✨✨Something I left behind in 2017 was noise--the noise of what others tell me.
Even those we love have good intentions when they suggest or help direct us, but only you + God truly know what's best for you.

✨✨Growing and birthing a baby was one of the most challenging things I've ever done in my life and also by far my favorite. It not only taught me so much more about life, love, surrender and sacrifice, but also connected me to God in a way I've never experienced.

✨✨It forced me to get super quiet at times, like uncomfortably quiet which helped me connect to Him like never before.

✨✨I learned even more that those divine downloads God sends need to be listened to even when they don't make sense and the world tells me different.

✨✨Looking back, it was all so clear. He revealed so many things for me that I truly believed even when they didn't make sense and others didn't understand. The biggest one ➡️day one of finding out I was pregnant saying I was having a daughter who for whatever reason would be arriving early, but not too early. Even the day before my water broke the doctor told me I had 4-5 more weeks left because I was a first time mom.

✨✨But something told me she was coming that day. So we went to Babies R Us and got the mattress, set up the nursery, later that day breastfeeding class was taken, maternity shoot done, and even the candy bags for our nurses were packed just hours before my water broke.

✨✨For some special reason our precious bundle was supposed to be born early and on Easter Sunday, the day Christ resurrected and came back to life to save us.

✨✨So with that said, 2018 all the noise will be turned off and this lady will be listening even closer to the divine downloads💛

I'd love to hear what you left behind in 20171

Please share below!!

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XO Kate