What it really takes to get into a CEO Mindset: Six Part Series, Part 6

Hello Confident Lady,

Boy do I have a surprise for YOU! One year ago I did a series where I shared with you what it really takes to get into the "CEO Mindset" of a six figure business owner and I am bringing it back again! You know I am super transparent in all that I do and I'm sharing my wisdom to inspire you to take action in ways that ONLY feel good for you. Today I will be concluding with the last 5 insider tips on what it takes to run a profitable, sustainable and freedom living business. Ok let’s dive in:

26. Your LIST SIZE does not dictate your success. I’m transparent with you ladies and I have a little over 3000 on my list. I FILLED my programs with a waitlist when I only had 380 on my list (spring of 2016). NUMBERS don’t matter, ENGAGEMENT matters. Ask yourself, “how ENGAGED are my followers?” So many women beat themselves up trying to “up their numbers”, but again, numbers only matter if they are engaged and invested numbers. It’s better to have a list of 50 invested people than a list of 200 with 15% engaged.

27. You don’t need to be EVERYWHERE. Pick 1-3 places you want to show up, commit to showing up, keep your word, and then show up! I see so many business owners getting overwhelmed with ALL the social media platforms. And you know what? IT IS overwhelming and why I don’t engage in them all either! I chose two to focus my energy on, stick with those, and then engage on the others if I feel like it time to time. For me my free Facebook community + Instagram are my babies! I nurture these platforms with all that I have, showing up consistently each and every day with some type of value to share. And engagement is pretty high because my time and energy stays focussed and not spread thin among 5-6 platforms like others attempt. Always keep it simple beauty!! That is the key to success in business.

28. Only commit to what you are going to do. If you say you hop on Facebook Live every Monday, I will lovingly tell you that you better be there unless something big happens! Show up to each and every thing you committed to showing up for. This helps grow your trust and authority significantly. If you say you’ll be going on air for a FB Live at 3pm and not show up without explanation, how could people trust you will deliver on what you say you’ll be delivering? The only time I ever had to cancel a client’s session was when I was taken to the ER by AMBULANCE. I text my coach while at the hospital and she reached out individually to my clients to let them know I would need to reschedule our calls.  Easy tip to remember that will grow your credibility…...Just do what you say you are going to do and people will respect and trust you!

29. Under promise + OVER DELIVER. I ALWAYS leave things out on sales pages intentionally. I like to surprise my clients and add bonuses, send surprise love notes, throw in an extra group coaching session, etc. You want to WOW your clients and leave them on the edge of their seat while working with you! A coach I admire and have worked with did the exact same thing in her business! I walked away feeling so taken care of and even happier with the investment I had made to work with her. You want your clients to have the same experience. You want to sell them at the basic and then WOW them once they arrive through your doors. Ever stay at a hotel that just goes above and beyond with little touches? They usually aren’t HUGE things, maybe something as simple as milk and cookies before bed or a chocolate on your pillow, but these things leave us feeling taken care of.

30. No matter what you’re going through in business, believe there is a reason behind it. Are you slow with booking clients? Maybe this is a time you need to be working on yourself to better prepare you for those clients. Are you feeling overwhelmed with the amount of work you have and the little time available to do it? Maybe this means you are getting closer to hiring support in your business to help alleviate the burden. Months 8-10 I had what I would call an inspiration high. I had programs, content, and ideas bursting out of me and I literally could not turn off from work. And I couldn’t understand why I couldn’t turn off. At this time I decided to hire a team to help take on some of the load for me, I felt something BIG was coming. And guess what? Later in month 10 I found out I was going to be a first time mama! Boy was I excited and also scared out of my MIND. Little did I know that the end of year one into my second year I would be stuck in bed unable to work due to severe “all day sickness” as I like to call it. During this time I had to learn to surrender moments of uncertainty and lean on the support of my team to pick up where I was unable to be present (which did not come naturally to me). I literally could not work or think about creating anything new. And guess what? I didn’t have to. All of that earlier inspiration and hard work brought me enough content, clients, and income to basically take 3-months off and still be bringing in 5-figure months. So again, let go of the control, surrender, and know there is a reason you are going through this experience at the moment. There is always a bigger reason…..a bigger why behind each and every win and (what may feel like) defeat that we face!

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Blessings + Abundance, 
XO Kate

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