Why I made the decision to close ALL my programs

Happy Tuesday ladies!

I am currently writing you from a retreat house in warm and sunny South Carolina with my Online Business Manager. February seems to be our month (the last THREE years) that we get together IRL to work on business. 

And as much as I'd like to say we've been planning tons of new and exciting things for you guys in 2018, we've actually been CLEARING the clutter. 

And I bet you're wondering what that might look like. Well, I shared my 2018 word of the year was SIMPLIFY. And in order to really get back to basics, I needed to do some excavating. And for right now this means closing ALL my programs.

Yep. 1:1, Invisible to Impactful, Inner Circle, ALL OF THEM. 

This was certainly a bittersweet moment for me. 

My pride says "But I poured my blood, sweat and tears into those programs. I spent hours dreaming them up. I missed family and social gatherings to work on piecing them together. I spent thousands on copywriting and marketing and development services. How can I just wipe all this work clean after pouring in my soul?"

Ladies, in order to allow for the NEW it's IMPERATIVE we let go of what is no longer serving us for whatever reason that is.

We have to release the energy.

Release the attachment.

And especially release the guilt.

Just because something was RIGHT for you two years ago, doesn't mean it's right for you today. 

Just because something was ALIGNED with your values four months ago, doesn't mean it's aligned with you today. 

I think it's so easy to hold onto pieces of our businesses that no longer serve us or allow us to show up 100% authentically because of this guilt. We do the same thing in relationships right?

"We've poured years into so and so, how could I possibly throw it all down the drain now?"

Ladies, we are NEVER too far into something. Relationships, business plans, life focus. Each and every day we have the OPTION to start over. 

It can be so easy to allow business decisions and relationships to go on for far too long because of us doubting our intuition or fear of doing the "wrong thing".

I have to tell you I've felt "off" in little areas in my business especially recently, but I've wanted to hold on I think more because of ego. I knew that the old energy I had when creating certain programs was no longer aligned with who I am today, but I feared it would be a waste or maybe I just was giving up too soon. 

I finally had several ah-ha moments after being unplugged from my business this winter and realized, who I was when I launched my business is NOT who I am today. The persona I created was tough--I felt the need to step away from my softness in order to have people respect me. I've learned this past year, the more and more I just show MYSELF and the loving version of me I really am, the MORE people respect me and the more my business grows. 

I love the quote --> "Confidence is QUIET + Insecurity is LOUD".

This completely sums things up for me. The more I step into who I REALLY am, the more confidently I can sit back and allow things to just happen without feeling the need to be "out there all the time". 

So now where to with my programs?!?

I've learned more and more that when my intuition {God's divine downloads} tells me it's time to start or end something, I've gotta go with it. Leading my business from strategy has never really served me. It's left me feeling overwhelmed and confused. And to be honest, all of those different levels of programs were created from strategy. It's not to say that strategy doesn't work or isn't needed, but in this season in my business, my strategy will be purely leading from my HEART

A month ago I felt called to launch a Mastermind without a sales page, without a launch strategy and without ALL. THE. THINGS. they say you need to be "successful". 

Guys, TRUE success comes from trusting your gut and doing what YOU feel is right. And because I did just that, I was successful. I've already welcomed SEVEN ladies into my Mastermind and still have TWO full weeks before we even get started. 

If you go over to my site, you'll notice all my programs are down. Yep. Not even a sales page at the moment. All that is there though is a simple application for us to have a conversation. 

I am feeling called to invite ladies who are feeling they want more support and want to up level their business this year on a breakthrough call. 

Now you're probably wondering what we do on these breakthrough calls. Well, let's just say I've made a LOT of women cry {in a good way!!} and uncover things about themselves they had no idea were there or could be possible. We discuss your 2018 goals and how we can work to achieve them and then I share with you all the goodness about the Mastermind!

I've had a blast doing them and want to personally invite YOU to hop on one with me. I have some space in my calendar the next two weeks to talk to several of you. All ya gotta do is simply fill out THIS application and I will then email you to schedule our call :)

Quit waiting for the "right time" or next year to do that thing you know you really want + NEED to do.  Love you Confident Lady--Can't wait to support you.

Make sure to head on over to my YouTube channel to check out the video I did on this topic as well! 

XO Kate