The REAL Way to Manifest your Dreams

Happy Tuesday Confident Ladies!

Here is a fun Turbo throwback + story for you today.

Had a little realization this morning when scheduling my end of lease inspection for my car. The lady asked what year the car was...... 2015.

2015?! Wait THREE years already? Where does time go?

I thought back to February 28th 2015 and remember it so vividly. I was two months out of my 9-5, had just paid for my very first BIG business investment (B-School), and was about to pick up my new car AND something I had gifted myself for achieving my goal of leaving my 9-5........TURBO! Having a puppy was something I had always dreamed of and it was about to happen🐶

Now I share this story today because ANYTHING can happen if we put our mind to it. We so often hear people speaking about manifesting things👉🏼”believe it’s possible and it will happen”.  I’m going to LOVINGLY  tell you today I don’t think it’s quite that easy (although it doesn’t have to be hard).

I believe you can manifest your dreams and desires in life by a doing a few things:

1️⃣Set the intention

2️⃣Take ACTION and WORK toward that intention

3️⃣Surrender it to God (after you’ve done your part!!).

4️⃣Let Him do the rest and DETACH yourself from the outcome He chooses for you

Yeah that last one is HARD!

But I PROMISE you today, if you can approach your goals and wishes in life with this mindset, things will feel so much easier for you. It’s all about the surrender. We do what we can, but we have NO control over outcomes.

Anyone agree or ready to begin living this way?

I’ll say life feels so much more fulfilling going about it this way! Everything is working FOR me not against me. 

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Love ya lady!


P.S. Can you even with this picture below!?! This was Turbo before he gained 82 more pounds hehehe

Screenshot 2018-02-12 13.45.50.png