How to know when it's time to move on


Consistency is one of the KEY pillars I teach my tribe. Winners in business (whatever that may look like for you) are those who stay the course.

When the road gets bumpy, they keep on going.

When the success isn't moving as quickly as they desire, they keep on going.

When ideas fail or crumble, they keep on movin on. 

I've learned this time and time again, be consistent and after you've given it your 100% if it still isn't working, walk away. Now there are three different consistency profiles. Follow along and share below which one you fall into.

1. The "I try things for a day or a few weeks and when I don't see the return I desire I quit or pivot". This one I believe is the MOST dangerous out of the three. You get super excited about something, go to launch it or begin implementing and then when you don't get your way right away, you say screw it, it's not working. 99% of the women who come to me who experience this aren't "not finding success" right away because their idea sucks or they aren't good at what they do, it's because they havent given it enough TIME to run its course. T-I-M-E the four letter word we dread the most. What if I told you the SECRET key to success was consistency and giving an idea TIME to flourish? I know, it's NOT the answer you want, because it isn't something you can easily swipe your credit card and buy. Gosh we would ALL be BILLIONAIRES if we could buy time!

2. This next one I call beating the dead horse. Gosh I've said that all my life and as I write it, don't like it and need to find a nicer phrase to use because I love horses. So you try something and you are good at allowing time to pass, but TOO much time passes. Now why would someone continue to do the same thing over and over if it isn't working after spending a LOT of time doing it? Easy answer is because it feels comfortable. It feels like TOO much work to pivot or try something new although you know deep within, it just isn't there anymore. You fear what others may think of you or whether the thing you REALLY truly feel passionate about could actually be a reality for you. Rather than take that leap to do the thing you feel your heart calling you to do, you stay "consistent" but in a way that is a detriment to your life + business.

3. This one is the one that took me YEARS to begin becoming even just ok at. I was definitely a #1 for almost my entire life. I would try every instrument, every dance class, switch majors, the list goes on. I was IMPATIENT LOL If I wasn't a master at it in a week, it was on the the next thing! But I learned it was EXHAUSTING. What if I gave things just a little more time, evaluated what was working/not working and if it still didn't feel right, move on. This has SAVED me in my business. I pray that all of you will be a #3 where you can stand on your own two feet, trust your intuition, be ok with TIME and understand that anything good in life is a process. And even if you give it time and it still doesn't work, you still win, because you've walked away with a lesson to be learned from the situation. 

You can hear even more on this topic in a livestream I did - check it out here!

Now I'd love to hear which one you identify with the most! I want to warn you if you find yourself a 1 or 2 not to fret! With some mindset shifts you too can begin to TRUST yourself and the process more and better identify which way to turn in future situations. 

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