Happy Tuesday Confident Lady,

This week we are talking ALIGNMENT. So what the heck does that actually mean? We hear it thrown around so much in the entrepreneurial space and I don't know about you, but it sort of lost it's luster. However, it still IS THE WAY I run my business. So I am going to share how that translates for me in my business. Remember, this is my point of view and what works for me AND that doesn't mean it should be right for you too. Perfect example right? What's right for YOU is what feels in alignment with YOUR values and YOUR belief system. 

What does alignment mean to me?

1. Alignment = my values + belief system + the environment I'm experiencing in that moment. For example, how I ran my business early on would NOT be in alignment for me today. My values and belief system were the same, however my environment was different. It was just me and my husband and it felt really GOOD to work ALL THE TIME. Today, it feels SO out of alignment to work 24/7. What's in alignment is me spending lots of quality time with my baby and doing what I can do in my business with roughly 20 hours per week. 

2.  Alignment is a LOT about timing. I was recently asked to participate in something I had applied for in the summer which was SO in alignment at the time. It would have worked beautifully with my business model and the trajectory of where I see my business going. But when accepted 5 months later, things had shifted and it felt really right to decline as I knew my focus wouldn't be in it 100%. I knew for this season, my focus would be on writing my book and that felt in alignment. 

3. As you learn and develop new skills, what once felt aligned to teach on may no longer. Early on in my business I felt really excited helping entrepreneurs get into the right mindset to quit their 9-5. Could I still help entrepreneurs do this? Sure I could. But does it feel aligned? To be honest, I would rather help support someone who is working a TON of hours in their business, get in the mindset to let go and work smarter, not harder. Make sense?

This is what is so beautiful about being your own boss. Your views on things will grow and expand the more you do the work. So now that I know what being in "alignment" might look like to me, how do I know if something doesn't feel in alignment? Great question!

You know those moments in your life you're presented with an opportunity, but for some reason it just doesn't feel right? All the pieces line up and there should be NO reason why it wouldn't feel good, but deep down in your soul, something feels off? Ladies, I KNOW YOU KNOW THIS FEELING. You know it and you doubt it all too often. Something deep down says "don't do it". But you do it due to fear of missing out or maybe being viewed a certain way. You don't want people to judge you. You want to be liked. 

Please pay the MOST attention to what I am about to say: That feeling that's deep within, down in the depths of your soul that is telling you to do it, but everything and everyone else are telling you not to (you're crazy, you're thinking too big, what if you fail), IGNORE. Pretty please ignore and ONLY go with what feels ALIGNED. 

If you're like me and pray, I first ask God to show me whether this is a NO, GO, or SLOW. If I feel it's instantly a NO I walk away. If I feel it's a maybe, I take my time. And if I feel him telling me it's a heck yes, I will work through the fears and outside noise and DIVE in believing that he will carry me along the way.

How clear are you on what alignment looks like for you? Do you actually know what feels good and do you trust that feeling? Or do you know this is something you need to work on? I would love to support you around this, if you're interested in taking things to the next level in 2018, fill out this FORM and we will hop on a Breakthrough Call to chat about your hopes and dreams for the new year.  Love you confident lady!

Make sure to head on over to my YouTube channel to check out the video I did on this topic as well! 

Blessings + abundance,