Why You Can't Do It Alone


Hey Confident Ladies!

This week we are talking Mindset and our topic is "Why you can’t do it alone".  As my four month Mindset Mastermind is coming to an end, I have really been reflecting on the time spent with my ladies and it all comes down to SISTERHOOD. So today I want to ask you a few questions:

// How are you currently supported in your business?

// Do you have accountability?

// Do you have a biz-bestie?

// How would you ideally like to be supported in your business?

I want to teach you the importance of NOT doing business alone. I want to share a some bullets on why you NEED to have support in your business.

  1. It is CRUCIAL that you have support if you want to grow in your business if you want to see it grow
  2. You are most like the 5 people you spend the most time with. Make sure these are people who will push, challenge, encourage, and be by your side as you grow.
  3. Life is so much easier when you receive validation from other such as “I’ve been through that before myself and this is how I got through it”.
  4. Everyone’s got something to offer! We EACH have special gifts and talents. We each have different life experience that has shaped us with a different perspective.

I have always been a super independent person--was an only child for eight years. Always entertained myself and felt like I didnt “need” anyone to help or support me in life. Well I had a RUDE awakening when I entered into entrepreneurship! I realized, “there is no way I CAN succeed staying in the mindset I’ve been in my entire life. Support is crucial if I want to be the best coach and example to my clients”. And so I joined my first course, B-School, then Conquer Club, then a legal course, then several membership programs, group coaching programs, and now a Mastermind. And honestly, there is NO WAY to be successful without having other high achieving individuals around you.

Accountability is KEY. When you ask for help or ask someone to keep tabs on you, you are way more likely to actually make things happen. I’ve witnessed the importance of having community and why I created the Confident Ladies Club! I wanted women to feel supported and not be in this alone--to feel comfortable bringing up a question or asking for support. I saw the power in this and as the Confident Ladies Club grew, I knew I needed to create other avenues of more intense support for women in a smaller environment.

Now I share all this goodness with you today because you TOO can have a sisterhood and community of support. You don’t have to do it alone. I’ve noticed based off of the programs that I’ve run that more women are craving a tighter knit community with more interaction and collaboration from one another. And later this month I will be launching a Membership Group where just all of this happens!

// Live group coaching calls

// Accountability buddies

// Trainings

// Guest experts

// Collaborations, etc.

We have been so blessed seeing The Confident Ladies Club FB Group grow and expand to well over 1300+ members, but some of you have told me youre craving a closer knit community with more support from me and 1:1 work. And so THIS is it. This membership program is something that has been in the works for quite some time, but is finally launching! If you want to be a part of this special, more intimate community with even more support from me, live group coaching + 1:1 coaching at super affordable rate click here to sign up!XO